The Solution Architect and the Merger & Acquisition

Mergers & acquisitions – Calling All Architect’s – We’ve Got a Merger & Acquisition

What are your IT Project Priorities – do you have one of those “Yours, Mine & Ours” situations???

What I mean is that when a business decides to buy another company, or merge with one, often there are multiple perspectives to project priorities. If one business arm decides they need a bigger sales force, and another wants to gain proficiency in a manufacturing process, there may be conflicts. Add the fact that the IT area wants to streamline, yet add or upgrade technology infrastructure, we’re cooking up a recipe for missed expectations.

The IT Architect needs to understand what the end goals are by the business when creating the architecture. If you want to read more on ensuring you understand the right messages and goals, why don’t you check out my information site – Mergers & Acquisitions and the Information Architect is an article that addresses this topic.

It’s a sample exerpt from our eZine “The Architect Abstract”. Head to the site to sign up to get a copy every week, or view the sample articles to whet your appetite.

Happy Architecting!

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