Business Architects In the Driver’s Seat

“By 2008, 40% of enterprise architects will have primary expertise in business strategy or process engineering” 2004 Meta Group, Inc.

They get it. Businesses appreciate, accept and now accentuate the role of the architect in their organizations. It took some time, but they get it now. I might generalize and say that most medium size businesses have some sort of architecture function in their midst. I’d go further an say every large business now believes that architecture is the brass ring as far as IT success is concerned.

The business drives the business, and now we, as IT practitioners get it. We are finally focusing on things like Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Re-engineering Portfolio Management and aaahhh, yes. Enterprise Architecture. EA starts with the business strategy, and the great architect will become verse in business strategy. Our business strategy.

For more details on these thoughts, check out my information site and an article entitled “Business In the Driver’s Seat

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