Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen – Enterprise Architecture Compliance Required

Enterprise Architecture Compliance Required

Does it ever seem that as an Enterprise Architect, we have many dragons to slay? Our organizations confuse the Chief Architect with chief technology problem solver, and it isn’t their fault. Often the current technology hot spot of the day is something that lives in the EA realm, and we are the captain of the ship. We’ve had many metaphors – the Builder, the Architect of a house, the City…


Architecture Governance – Abusing the Buzz Word

Architecture Governance - Abusing the Buzz Word

Well – it’s been far too long since I wrote – but I am committed to writing more. I’ve just been exposed to “governance Overload”. What is it you say? Well – after a weekend in Boston and time with the ultimate of buzz word abusers (this generic professional group shall remain nameless), I’m sick of “get it done”, “dropping the ball”, etc. etc. Instead – I come home to…