How do I Become an Enterprise Architect?

Hello EA’s & Potential Enterprise Architects

One of the biggest questions I am asked, or more common anyways, is “How Do I Become an EA?” The answer is a little complicated, and so it deserves this video explanation. I speak about the Enterprise Architect Education or Enterprise Architecture Training you might take, I speak about the Enterprise Architect Role, as well as some of the activities that an Enterprise Architect may participate in. I also mention some of the considerations an Enterprise Architect may want to make before taking this role, and I talk about some of the biggest parts of your day as an EA. I mention the types of actions a new or potential enterprise architect might want to take before getting into the role, or the practice tasks they might enjoy as a “test drive”.

Well – enough about that – check out the video.  If you want to learn about and be coached in the Enterprise Architect Fundamentals check out Enterprise Architect Coach.  The first three months share my EA fundamentals training, coaching and case studies.
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Happy Architecting!

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