What’s New with the Zachman Framework?

What's New with the Zachman Framework

Someone asked me a philosophical, yet, appropriate question the other day. Why do I still continue to use a very simple framework in my coaching and consulting with Enterprise Architecture? I began using something called BAIT (business, application, information and technology), and turned to something else – BOAIT (business, organization, application, information and technology). I thought for quite a while, and went through what has changed since I started working…


The Solution Architect and the Merger & Acquisition

The Solution Architect and the Merger

Mergers & acquisitions – Calling All Architect’s – We’ve Got a Merger & Acquisition What are your IT Project Priorities – do you have one of those “Yours, Mine & Ours” situations??? What I mean is that when a business decides to buy another company, or merge with one, often there are multiple perspectives to project priorities. If one business arm decides they need a bigger sales force, and another…