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IT Architect Training is needed to get your IT organization in the best shape ever.  This is the original Architect Boot Camp and started in 2002.  These classes are not readily offered at universities, nor at many technical training colleges.  Architect training is required because to become an architect, it takes a combination of experience, skill and desire, as well as some very specialized training in process, methods and soft skills.

We created some of the very first IT Architecture training ever, and have been doing it for over ten years.  Check out our calendar, and let us know what you are interested in.  We periodically offer schedule public training based on demand, and custom site architecture training is always available.

The Architect Boot Camp training workshops for winter/spring 2012.  IT Architecture Training is planned… Download our catalogue of publicly available architecture workshops. Indicate your interest in future architecture seminars, or contact us about a custom onsite architecture education at your workplace.

Also – See our Training Testimonials.

Workshop Date Duration Location RegistrationDates

Intro to Architecture Boot Camp


TBA 8 hours web Get details
Executive Architect Boot CampXAB TBA 8 hours n/a Get details
IT Architect Boot Camp FundamentalsIAB TBA 24 hours


Get details
Enterprise Architect Boot CamEA Fundamentals

EA Advanced

EA Masterclass


TBA 16 hours web/ in person Get details
Solution Architect Boot Camp


TBA 16 hours web Get details
Business Architect Boot Camp


TBA 16 hours web Get details
Technical Architect Boot Camp


TBA 16 hours web Get details

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