Enterprise IT Architecture Support or Sponsorship?

And What’s the Difference?

It’s been a long time since I wrote part 1, but I’ll try to get the next few parts out asap.  If you recall, I was writing about the purpose and reasons for Enterprise Architecture.

Along with planning and strategy, execution is critical.  We must create and tailor our messages for our audiences in the most appropriate manners, and continually educate and grow support for the program.  If the business community cannot see value in this endeavor, then they are not ready. That is yet another subject to be explored else where (ask me about readiness assessments).

You – the Chief Architect or Enterprise Architect, may have to put on a few public presentations – or private.  Each must be carefully crafted for the audience at hand.  If your organization is very green – well – they may need the “what is architecture” speech.  If they are more advanced, and you are purely looking for funding, you need to really familiarize yourself with the business strategy, cherry pick a few points, and then use a very carefully selected set of benefits and craft a presentation.

The presentation may have to be tailored for each audience you visit – the CEO/Funder, the CIO, other IT Groups, other business functional groups, consultants, and any other external support.  Before crafting the presentation, create a mind map or “story board” of your intended audiences and key messages that you wish to share.

Your sole purpose of such an exercise is getting buy-in!  It might not be actual funding, but you need to gain momentum so that you can get it once you ask.  They must understand before they can grant you their support.

Sponsorship vs. Support – There is a big difference!

Sponsorship is where a person or group pays for and assumes responsibility for the effort to be carried out.  This is usually the CIO, and potentially the CEO or IT Steering committees.  Support is someone or groups that support the effort or initiative.  They uphold, defend and promote EA as valid or the best approach by lending their assistance and public support.  Support is sought by all groups and domains that are affected and impacted by the creation, development and finally governance of the Enterprise Architecture.

Sponsorship and support require continuous education, promotion and communication. If you want more information about the tools and resources you would need to uphold such an endeavor, get the entire report

Happy Architecting

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