A New Day for Great IT Architects

Monday is as good as any to do something new.  For most, above average.  Well – today I figured I’d **make** the time to move this blog to the Architect Boot Camp site.  Here it is – hope you benefit from it and I do have plans (hopes) to post much more regularly.

What’s new?  I’ve been really busy getting the fall  Architect Boot Camp Workshop schedule completed, as well as some drafts on my book and the course ware updated.  I’ve gone with a new set of lab exercises, as well as a lot of more up to date content.  After a recent speech at the Open Group Enterprise Architecture Conference, in Chicago in July, I felt that a more expansive section on TOGAF was warranted.

As well, the Firefli Web Site has been updated with a new blog format, so that I have a hope (and a prayer) of keeping these things up to date!

Upcoming events are detailed on both the Architect Boot Camp site, as well as Firefli.  I will be giving a speech Good To Great – Paving the Road to Excellence for the Enterprise Architect”at the upcoming Enterprise Architecture Conference, provided by IIR.  More details as they are posted on their site.

Happy Architecting!


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