Message from Zachman — The Midas Touch

Here I am again, bleary eyes but wanting to share all from this year’s Fall EAC. I have so much to share, and tonight will just have to be a summary. I catch the red eye in 6 hours, and suitcases still have to be filled – you know the drill.

This year was a little different. More keynotes, but fewer messages. The last one was fabulous, so all is not lost. John Zachman has finally admitted there is no silver bullet and still maintains that one day we will all wish we’d filled his magic framework. I’m not arguing but there were more that agreed with me this year that feel practicality is a virtue.

The conference offered two panel sessions this year, and not as a keynote. Great touch – heard some great things except for a 30 minute drone about certifying EA’s. There is much passion about this, but hard to get excited after listening to it around the CIPS ISP. Sort of boring and so far from reality. Perhaps we should work on a common vocabulary as I hear more acronyms that you can imagine for what goes on in the Business Architecture. Reminds me of the early nineties when modeling tools first entered the scene and with a flick of a button you could create a new flavor of the day – all of which equated to a logical or process flow diagram.

There was an increase in both the sessions and numbers of folks who attended the “Build” as well as “Run” Sessions. Good for you! This just means that there are the masses attending the Plan, meaning we still don’t have anything done yet.

The most common question I heard all week was “how do we know when we’ve modelle enough?”. Various answers – deserves a blog onto it’s own – but all it means is that we’re progressing.

Well – have to type more tomorrow – 4 bells come early and I will take a break from this little stanza.

Happy Architecting and Happy Friday!

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