IT Architect Skill Training – Why Is It So Popular?

If you ask just about any IT Director, Manager, or even PM, they’ll tell you that Architects are among-est the toughest resources to find.  I’ve experienced this so often either when helping clients build their teams, or when I’ve tried to build them myself.

Architect Boot Camp training was designed to help organizations train their own staff, or to help those in IT who have an affinity towards high end design & IT Strategy, but want to hone or learn Architect Methods, Process and Approach.  The objective is to deliver the theory, while using real life scenarios and then practice through case studies and exercises.

This fall our IT Architect Boot Camp workshop is now full, and we have but one spot left in our Solution Architect Workshop.  We had to move to larger space to deliver the workshops, and I’m sure with the great mix of staff and experience, they’ll be a good experience for all attendees.

If we can’t find architects, we’ve got to grow our own.  We need to optimize our IT dollars, and now more than ever we need to make sure we’re building and designing the right things.  Just ask John Zachman – he’ll tell you that Architecture is the ONLY way we can improve our success rate.  Only three days to go until the start of this first public offering this fall, so this blog entry will have to be short.

By the beginning of November, there will be several more architects ready to provide value to their organizations.  We must applaud organizations who believe that investments in their people are good ones, and won’t be impacted by rough economic times.

Happy Architecting

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