SOA for the Technology Architect

Hello from the eve of yet another EA Conference

Here I sit in Calgary, pondering some thoughts with respect to the topics at hand at tomorrow’s EA Directions “Critical Issues In Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Alignmenttwo day conference. I have the great honour to present on several EA topics including some in the area of SOA.

Last week, at one of my Architecture Boot Camps, the Technology Architect Boot Camp, I had another great experience with a very talented group of individuals from a very diverse set of enterprise experiences.

We discussed the role of the technical architect at length, and specifically that which pertained to services in an SOA and the TA’s role. Two very distinct areas that I may not have paid enough attention, were consideration for the specific security concerns that are heightened with an SOA.

I did not specifically high light this as a non-functional requirement, but likely should have. It is easy to rattle off the usual suspects such as availability, reliability, blah blah blah. But Security doesn’t typically fall into this camp. It may be both functional and non-functional, and should likely be included in that checklist that we architects all peruse when thinking through those considerations that most don’t.

Another point worth mentioning, is another complex issue surrounding SOA. After creating and designing the architecture for SOA, we need to ensure we’ve included an architecture that encapsulates the nature of monitoring, metrics, measurement and management of the operational aspects of the SOA-based services platform.

I feel so strongly about these subjects, that I will soon release a special report on measuring such important details of the architecture environment, so come back and I’ll be sure to share.

With both of these as critical factors in the SOA, it is very hard NOT to include the Technical Architect in both the design of the initial SOA infrastructure, infrastructure and platform, but should highlight the benefits of including such a role within your overlapped EA and SOA teams in order to ensure you have the right minds creating the best solution for your enterprise.

Happy Architecting,

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