Architect Types


Current Role


Current Skill

Apprentice Architect General IT staff:

  • Developer
  • Analyst
  • Technologist,
  • PM
  • Pondering a field in IT Architecture
  • IT analysis, design
  • Construction
  • project management
  • staff management
IT Architecture Manager or Director
  • Senior Business or IT Leaders
  • CIO, CTO, Business and IT Strategists
  • PMO and Project Managers
  • Executive Level Understanding of process, approach and benefits of architecture.
  • Strategic planning, IT portfolio management;
  • IT & Enterprise Architecture development, management
  • Management;
  • IT Portfolio;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Budget Analysis;
  • Project management
  • Business
Enterprise Architect
  • Architecture Team Member,
  • IT Architects
  • Senior System Designer
  • Guide and Define the current and future state of an organization
  • Transition paths, standards & principles
  • Lead or participate on EA Team
  • IT Architect, Strategist, Leadership.
  • Excel in concepts, planning, strategic.
  • Sees the big picture;
  • Extremely strong in abstracting the situations, processes.
IT Architect/System Architect
  • New or novice architects (various domains & types),
  • senior developers,
  • systems analysts & specialists
  • Construct basic architecture artifacts, documentation
  • Basic Funamentals and understanding of roles, skills, methods and process of IT Architect (various domains, EA)
  • System Design & Analysis.
  • Project, Solution or high level design responsibilities
Solution Architect/Application Architect/

System Architect

  • Application or software architects;
  • Senior systems analysts, senior developers & system designers;
  • Solution architects;
  • Functional process analysts
  • Conversion of the requirements into an architecture and design that will become the blueprint for the solution being created
  • Software design, System analysts, Solution scoping;
  • Define the interaction between components;
  • prototype;
  • Background in software development methodologies
Business Architect
  • Business architects,
  • business analysts,
  • systems analysts,
  • solution architects
  • Create business architecture artifacts;
  • business transformation;
  • Document Business Strategies, Capabilities,
  • Processes from the architecture perspective
  • Business and/or systems
  • Participant in strategic planning,
  • Business process redesign & requirement gathering;
  • Models workflow & process
Technical Architect
  • Technical architects,
  • technical specialists,
  • infrastructure specialists,
  • security architects
  • Build a technology blueprint;
  • select and analyze infrastructure components;
  • Hardware configuration, software and solution technology components
  • Understanding of the technical aspects of application, solutions and infrastructure.
  • Technology specialties in some special areas such as hardware, operating systems, desktops, network, security, facilities, system software, operational processes.
  • Design technology components for prescribed IT solutions.

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