Architecture Skills and Competencies

An architect’s skills is a very blended list.  The architect must have several key skills that are beyond their technical skills.  Each specific architect will come with a bank of skills that they gleaned from being involved in the technology application or data areas of their previous experience within information technology.

Beyond technical skills there are several skills typically determined as soft skills that the architect must possess in order to be successful.

Beyond technical activities the architect must have strong communication skills, decision making skills, problem solving and identification skills as well as modeling skills. This is all in addition to their already strong technical skills. They must have strong strategic abilities as well as the abilities to handle politics and be politically savvy in their organization. They must have good consulting skills in order to draw information and potentially match solutions to the potential problem at hand.

The architect will have several areas of architecture skills and experience. As the architect becomes senior in their role, it will be less about what they do know and more about their character traits. In seeing this, this diagram shows a declining area of importance on the skills in the technology area and increase towards leadership as time goes on.
A very experienced architect will be a great leader and will become less technical as time goes on.  They will have good consulting skills and they will become more and more politically savvy as time goes on. The knowledge area from which an architect comes will become less experienced over time and as they provide activities throughout the life cycle of the project it is these character traits that will become most valuable.

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